Cashflow through Step By Step Affiliate Marketing

All right! Let's be straightforward. You can't know everything that is to know about affiliate marketing in one article but as you're looking for a step by step affiliate marketing plan, I wrote one. It's simple, it's basic but clear and I hope you'll find it helpful.

Before reading this step by step affiliate marketing action plan, keep in mind that just doing these 4 steps and stopping will make all your efforts useless, ok? You have to apply things and stick to a plan, a daily set of tasks. It's important.

Ok, so here's a simple step by step affiliate marketing action plan:

Step 1: Go to, browse the categories, find a niche you want to target and pick an eBook you want to promote. You can also pick several products in the same niche so that you'll be able to compare them on your website.

Step 2: Do some keyword research. Find a keyword related to the product you're promoting that has above 2000 searches per month and less than 50,000 quoted results. Be sure that this keyword is not too broad (pick a long tail keyword preferably) and that the people who type it are ready to buy now. Once you find a good keyword, buy the domain name related to that keyword and pick a hosting provider (like HostGator). Build your website (it can be a WordPress blog). Keep it simple, honest and don't push people to buy. You can write a review of the eBook for instance.

Step 3: Write some articles (like 7 articles each Monday for instance, you need 1 per day), each of them targeting a different keyword. Put the keyword in your title and twice every 100 words in your article body. Add a link to your website at the bottom. Publish your articles (1 per day) on EzineArrticles.

Step 4: Once an article is accepted, bookmark it on social bookmarking sites such as, and It will create backlinks to your article that will boost its ranking on Google. Also, publish the same article on other main directories such as GoArticles and ArticleBase (read their policy about duplicate content first) and include a link to your website at the bottom of these articles + a link to your main article (the one on Ezinearticles). The goal is to boost that main article to give it the better ranking.

Then you just repeat the steps 3 and 4 everyday.

By submitting an article per day and creating backlinks to them, you get a lot of traffic from your readers. The important thing to know about this step by step affiliate marketing action plan is to not be afraid to test things. For instance, if you see that you are well ranked and that you get many readers but that only 2% of them are actually clicking on the link to your website at the bottom of the article, you need to change the way you introduce that link in your resource box or author box. Try different ways and analyze the results.

Of course, if some of you prefer investing in Pay Per Click instead of doing article marketing, you can still do the first steps and then launch a PPC campaign.

What is key?

Consistency! You'll read it everywhere and it's true. And for this, you can only count on yourself. The main reason why most affiliate marketers fail at this is their lack of consistency.

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