Adsense Alternatives: Other ways to make money on the computer!

Everyone knows that Google Adsense is the no:1 contextual advertising network in the Online Advertising field and one of the best ways to make money on the computer! A lot of people are making thousands of dollars each day from Google Advertisements mainly because they're following the Adsense guidelines perfectly. However, there are a few people unknowingly neglect the Adsense ToS and will be banned by Google from the Adsense. 

This is where the question "Best Google Adsense Alternatives" arise. Webmasters or bloggers actually opt for Google Adsense for two reasons. 

  • Banned from Google Adsense 
  • Earn additional income apart from Google Ads 
Whatever may be the reason, I am listing here the best adsense alternatives that pay high (based on my personal experience and a few inputs from other publishers). 

Adsense Alternatives: Other ways to make money on the computer! Clicksor: It's one of the most popular advertisement networks and a good alternative to Google Adsense which is available for free on the internet. They allow you to earn through different ad-formatslike In-line Text Ads, Contextual Ads (banner and text) and more. You can earn up to 60% of the revenue share, depending on the performance the advertisers attain from your website placements and clicks. These ads seems annoying (pop-ups) to users but the earnings we gain are bit higher when compared to other ad networks. Payment Procedure:Payments are based on net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. You will have the chance to receive your payments either by check or Paypal and the minimum payout is $50.

Adbrite: It is one of the oldest and most popular advertisement network that allows you to earn money from your web site or blog. Unlike other contextual advertising networks, AdBrite is specialized to sell advertisements on your web site by displaying a banner ad on your site. The visitor who likes to place an ad on your site can easily displays his advertisement. It is very easy to use for everyone, and it’s completely free! Best for US and UK related traffic. 

Bidvertiser:A professional contextual advertising network that Offers only contextual and feed advertisements. It is very similar to Google AdSense. Displays textual ads depending on content of your site [context related ads]. You will not get enough earnings until unless you get very good traffic. Best for high traffic blogs. Payment: Minimum payout of $10 is offers. Offers both Check and Paypal Methods for payment. 

Text Link Ads:This service allows you to make money by selling text and in-line text ads on your site or blog. You can choose price and sell textual advertisements on your site with this service. They offer 50/50 net revenue share for all ads sold on your site. Payment Options: Supports Check, PayPal, Payoneer or TLA Voucher. Minimum payment for check is $25. Text-Link-Ads Prepaid MasterCard is $25. No minimum for PayPal payments. 

Kontera: These are in-line contextual ad networks that double-underline the keywords in our site. Some users may however find this annoying since the advertisement appears in a pop-up window. Best for content rich blogs. 

Infolinks:They're specialized in In-Text advertising i.e., Infolinks indexes your page looking for keywords and phrases that are not currently linked and converts those words into advertising links. Best thing is that you can use Infolinks ads to compliment your other advertising programs. 

Payment: They pay you either by Wire transfer, Automated Clearing House ($400 min) or paypal ($50 min). 

Luminate:Luminate Inc. (previously known as Pixazza Inc.), founded in 2008, is an online advertising program and currently the market leader in making the images more interactive, offering World’s first platform for image application. It currently serves more than 150 million users per month and 30 billion page views per year. This ‘first-of-its-kind’ platform gets operational when a user mouse-over’s an image, displaying the related products and information to that user. It takes into account the keywords that have been tagged with an image and then display the relevant ads accordingly.The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a PayPal account or via Standard Cheque. So Choose among the best adsense alternatives to Google Adsense and start earning equal to what Adsense Publishers are getting. Do comment if you know any other advertising alternatives that pay high.


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