How to get on first page of Google

Every Blog, or website owner wants to be on the first page on Google, and all other major search engines. For beginners this can seem impossible, and it is not! Although I will say you can not do it tomorrow, so just be patient. Reaching the first page on Google will take some time and effort. Thankfully it not impossible, and with that being said, here is a short list of seo tricks that will help your site reach the first page of Google.  

Keyword Research 
I personally think Google Adwords Keyword tool is the best place to start For keyword research. It's free and there is a wealth of money making info here, literally! This free tool can be used to search for keyword phrases that have high searches every month and low competition. This means there are internet users search for the keyword phase '' The Best Ice Cream Cone " but there are not many websites using that exact keyword phase, they may be using '' The Greatest Ice Cream Cone ", and just the change of one word in that phrase could mean the difference in your site getting traffic from searches or not. Once you have a list of at-least 5 target keyword phrases you can move on to the next step.  

Helpful Informative Search Optimized Post 
Always remember to write helpful post. Do not write post just to try and rank high in search engines, because you can and will get band from search engines. The best way to make it on the the first page of Google organically, is to write great helpful posts and try and fit your keyword phrases into the sentences within your post here and there. Always use your Main keyword phrase in the title of your post, the URL extension for that post, in the tags box, and page description mega tag.  

Links create Traffic 
So your post is now well written and live on the net, now its time to build traffic to this post. One thing I what you to understand is, sending all the traffic to the first page of your site is not going to make your site rank well as a whole in order to make it on the first page of Google. The better your inner pages on your site ranks, the better the whole site ranks, and remember to always inter link your older post to your new post, and new to old like wise. That way if one of the pages on your site ranks real high in Google, by linking that page to other pages on your site, they will rank high as well. Great freebie, known as deep linking I have nick named it Link Juice. The more of it you have the fuller the cup gets, traffic wise, and Traffic means money for you!

Update, and check on old post from time to time 
Every other month or so go back to older posts and make sure there are no broken links, or pages you have linked to outside of your site that are no longer up, or maybe the domain owner has failed to re-register the domain for another year, who knows what the problem could be, but if I have a page within my site that is raking well I surly wouldn't won't to waste the traffic coming to that page on a link I put there but 6 months later is no good not by my fault. This gives you a chance to change the link the divert that traffic to some where else to make the most out of your traffic.

With use of these tips you will start to see a major increase in cashflow generated from your website!

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